The kitchen at the Quattro Palme Hotel

The Quattro Palme restaurant offers rich menus with 3 choices of first and second courses of meat and fish for lunch and dinner and to delight you until the end of the meal every day we offer you fresh seasonal fruit, fruit salad or a dessert between cutting cakes , single-portion desserts, mousse and spoon desserts, ice cream, sorbets and much more.

The breakfast

(Eintritt ins Zimmer 7.30 – 10.00 Uhr)

The veranda of the breakfast room is the ideal place to start the day in the best way among the aromas of the rich breakfast buffet, the flower beds, the chirping of birds and the first morning sun.

We also have an indoor air-conditioned breakfast room where you will find a rich buffet based on fresh and genuine ingredients.

Yogurt, choice of cereals, jams and creams, variety of croissants and puff pastries, homemade cakes and biscuits … and even a mix of sandwiches and homemade bread, meats, cheeses, eggs and fresh fruit!

Breakfast is served from 7.30 to 10 and for those who want to fully enjoy their rest at the Quattro Palme Hotel, they can find a small breakfast in the Lobby Bar until the afternoon.


(Eintritt in den Raum 12.30 – 13.30 Uhr, 19.30 – 21.00 Uhr)

Our Quattro Palme Restaurant offers rich menus with variety of meat, fish and vegetarian both for lunch and dinner followed by fresh seasonal fruit, fruit salad or dessert to best finish each meal. You can taste genuine dishes from the best local recipes comfortably seated in the air-conditioned restaurant where new, tasty and carefully presented dishes are served directly at the table by our dining room staff, while a vast buffet of side dishes and appetizers excels in the center of the room.

You must know that you can eat in peace and without surprises because:

  • we pay particular attention to the choice of fresh and quality products
  • the little ones can have lunch calmly from half an hour before the opening of the room
  • children aged 3 to 10 can eat with an entertainer in an open room next to the dining room
  • daily we have fixed references with simple dishes for everyone (pasta in white, with tomato, vegetable puree, pasta, slice, cooked and mozzarella)
  • drinks are always included with meals (water, wine and coca cola dispenser…)

We remind you of our weekly appointments in July and August:

  • Saturday for lunch FRY fish every week;
  • Sunday the typical TERAMANO lunch awaits you with homemade lasagna, timbales and cannelloni as well as roasts and grills, and to finish an excellent homemade cake;
  • once a week we have the barbecue in the garden with arrosticini cooked before your eyes with a large buffet of Abruzzo dishes and not only accompanied by the enthralling local folk music;

and surprisingly

  • Abruzzese evening with porchetta and a large buffet with typical local and national products
  • Large dessert and fruit buffet in the garden

In addition, if you come to visit us for August, we will delight you with a wonderful dinner in the garden with fish with grilled scampi and appetizer buffet … and at midnight we await you with a magnificent fruit buffet on the terrace waiting for the fireworks to be held right in front of us … the front row seat is guaranteed !!

An eye to our wine list that comes from the passion for the flavors and aromas of our land … we remember Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Trebbiano, Passerina and Rosé!

We pay special attention to all those who have food intolerances, making available the experience and professionalism of our staff.

We inform you that our kitchen does not have a kitchenette dedicated to the preparations of allergic and intolerant subjects, but the preparations of classic foods and those for your loved ones are carried out in the same kitchen, naturally respecting the rules that each case requires.

The Chitarrina alla Tortoretana, with its homegrown but noble ingredients, well represents our locality “of sea and land”.

Ingredients for 6 people:

  • 600 g of green maccheroncini alla chitarra (with spinach);
  • 1 kg. fresh venus galena clams;
  • 150 g fresh cleaned cuttlefish;
  • 1 local tomato;
  • extra virgin olive oil from the mill;
  • two small onions (or shallots);
  • garlic, vinegar, salt, chopped parsley.

Preparation time 30 min .; clams cooking time 5 min .; sepia cooking time 15 min.