Holiday with the dog

At the Quattro Palme Hotel small pets (max 8kg) are welcome.
The green areas, the beach and the long promenade will also be appreciated by them. Of course, the leash, the cleaning kit and the vaccination booklet are mandatory and must always be kept with you.
If your friends are at the first experience in the hotel, the staff on the floors is available to organize with you for the time of cleaning the room, while to respect those who are uncomfortable in their presence, they are not allowed in the dining rooms.
We will be happy to welcome you with them for an unforgettable holiday.

Services included

  • Large and bright, some with balcony
  • Willingness to organize for daily room cleaning
  • NOT allowed in the internal rooms
  • They can stop on the veranda
  • Walk on the seafront
  • Beach dedicated to Tortoreto
  • NOT allowed on public beaches
  • Allowed at the Chalet Quattro Palme
  • Beach reserved for them in the southern area near the Little Mermaid

Payment services

  • Parking € 5 per day
  • Garage € 8 per day (not suitable for long, low or roof rack cars)
  • Mini fridge in the room € 3 per day
  • Kettle with herbal tea kit € 3 per day
  • Beach towels € 3 on delivery and at every change

Not included:
Bar service, car or garage parking, mini fridge in the room, tourist tax.

Our rooms are equipped with:

  • Private bathroom with shower, bidet, stool
  • Bath
  • Drying Rack
  • Phone
  • Flat screen television
  • Safe
  • Air conditioning with autonomous management
  • Electric shutters in the Standard and Superior rooms

Distance from the main services:

  • Supermarket 250m
  • Parapharmacy 400mt
  • Pharmacy – tobacconist – center 500mt
  • Closest point where 350mt mass is celebrated in summer
  • Main church S.Cuore 1km

We remind you of the prohibition for animals to access free beaches during the period of the bathing season, however, the municipality of Tortoreto has identified an area where this is possible on the south shore, close to the parking and haulage area for boats. This area has a size of just over 930 square meters for a sea front of about 15 meters and 62 deep.


Art. 1 (Purpose and object)
1. The Region grants access to the beaches of dogs and cats accompanied by the owner or other keeper in compliance with the safety rules that provide for the use of a leash or muzzle.
2. The Municipalities can identify within March 30 of each year the areas in which access to the animals referred to in paragraph 1 is prohibited, providing however for each municipality at least a stretch of beach for which access is allowed according to rules of this law.
3. For the needs referred to in paragraph 2, the concessionaires or managers shall communicate to the Municipality by 30 March each year the measures restricting the access of the animals to the beaches.

Art. 2 (Access to the beaches)
1. The access and stay on the beaches of the animals referred to in paragraph 1 of article 1 is subject to compliance with hygiene and health regulations. To this end, the owner or holder must have a suitable health certificate or vaccination record.
2. Animals that are not in compliance with vaccinations cannot access the areas reserved for them. 3. Access to female dogs is prohibited during the estrus period.
4. Owners or keepers of dogs that cannot be identified by microchip, recognition tattoo or other suitable document are subject to the inherent administrative sanctions.
5. In respect of the safety and safety of bathers, animals can stay within the perimeter of the beach umbrellas or in any case in the immediate vicinity of the owner or keeper.
6. However, guide dog access is allowed for the needs of the blind.

Art. 3 (Surveillance and hygiene rules)
1. Without prejudice to the responsibility referred to in article 2052 of the Civil Code, the owner or keeper of the animal guarantees its state of health and well-being.
2. The owner or holder immediately removes the solid manure and proceeds to sprinkle and wash away the liquid manure with water, also sea water.
3. Unless expressly prohibited or reported, bathing of animals is permitted under close supervision and responsibility of the owner or keeper.
4. Animals are prohibited from accessing swimming pools, showers, areas equipped for play and sporting purposes, provided that the aforementioned areas are delimited and marked with appropriate signs. In order to guarantee the animal’s hygiene and its protection from the heat, areas must be set up where the animals can be refreshed.

Art. 4 (Signs and dedicated spaces)
1. In the bathing establishments, in the equipped beaches and in the free equipped beaches, special signs are posted containing the prescriptions for the access to the beaches of dogs and cats and for the correct coexistence with the bathers.
2. In the areas referred to in paragraph 1, spaces for refreshment, watering and the game of animals, referred to in paragraph 1, may be created, in compliance with the beach plans.

Art. 5 (Rescue dogs)
1. For the enhancement of rescue and public safety activities on beaches and at sea, the Region favors the use of dog units along the coasts.

Art. 6 (List of reception areas)
1. To advertise the areas that welcome dogs and cats with the indication of the services offered, the Region establishes in its institutional websites of the tourism sector a special section containing the lists of the aforementioned areas, to be updated through the information provided by the concessionaires and where possible through the hypertext link with the websites of the individual bathing establishments.

Art. 7 (Conventions)
1.The Region favors the signing of agreements between bathing establishments, accommodation facilities and animal shelters.

Art. 8 (Financial regulation)
1. The application of the provisions of this law does not involve additional financial burdens for the budget of the Abruzzo Region.

Art. 9 (Entry into force)
1. This law enters into force on the day following that of its publication in the Official Bulletin of the Abruzzo Region.