Services for younger guests

We take care of the children, we do it with passion and availability, for the pleasure of seeing you and them happy and relaxed.

Here you will find all this and much more …

Games and entertainment in the hotel and on the beach

  • Reserved internal area equipped with games, books, colors, music, TV, laboratory table and lots of space to play
  • Bathroom with changing table in the common area
  • Play area in the garden with slide and swings
  • Play area on the beach
  • Beach suitable for children with fine sand and sea that has been awarded the Blue Flag for 21 years and the Pediatric Green Flag
  • Animation on the beach and in the hotel
  • Beach activities: color war, mini-Olympics, the games of the past, sand castles, we create soap bubbles…
  • Creative workshops in the hotel: bottles of colored sand, we make pizza, biscuits & a goodnight story…
  • Other activities for children: baby dance, face painting, balloons, movement games and tournaments
  • Selfie point The Little Mermaid in the hotel
  • Associates Baby Friendly


for children up to 2 years

  • 30min early opening to allow you to eat in peace
  • High chairs for meals
  • Availability in preparing pasta, fresh pastas, broths according to the needs of the child (even without salt)
  • Willingness to sterilize and heat the bottles at all times
  • Microwaves available 24 hours a day
  • Daily fixed variations on the menu (white pasta, tomato, past, pastina, fettina, cooked and mozzarella)

for children from 3 to 10 years

  • Table for children in a reserved area on view
  • Assistance to meals by our entertainment staff
  • Daily fixed variations on the menu (white pasta, tomato, past, pastina, fettina, cooked and mozzarella)


  • Large and airy rooms
  • Cradles with changes as needed
  • Night room lights (on request – free of charge)
  • Bath tubs (on request – free of charge)
  • Pee potty (on request – free of charge)
  • Possibility to add mini fridge in all Standard and Classic rooms by reservation and with supplement while the Superior rooms are already equipped with them


  • Bicycles with child seats
  • Children’s bicycles with helmets 7-11 years (n ° 20)
  • Trecicolo and bike on wheels
  • Stroller (on request – subject to availability)
  • Paid Baby-Sitter
  • Pharmacy 5min walk
  • Supermarket 3 min walk

To be visited together with mom and dad

  • 2 large play areas on the seafront 5min walk from us
  • 3 areas with rides and evening attractions for children on the seafront 5min walk from us
  • we have reductions for entry to the Acquaparck Onda Blu in Tortoreto (5 minutes by car from the hotel or reachable by bus with a stop in front of the hotel)
  • The Fonti del Vascello are 3 hectares of Naturalistic-Botanical Park in Tortoreto with a pond and many paths where you can admire many species of birds, fish, turtles and fawns.
  • Giocolandia is a large covered playground of 2000 m2 in Giulianova with a large outdoor area called “The Farm” with many animals and play areas

For medical emergencies

We hope you don’t need it, but in case of need there is the hospital of Sant’Amero 18 minutes away from us, another in Giulianova 15 minutes away from us and the medical guard 7 minutes away by car from us.


  • Tourist Medicine and Medical Guard – Viale Isonzo, Tortoreto – Tel +39 0861.777245
  • Municipal Pharmacy – Via XX Settembre, Tortoreto – Tel +39 0861.788678
  • Val Vibrata Hospital – Contrada Alla Salara 56 – Sant’Omero (TE) – Tel +39 0861 8881

Tortoreto Babyfriendly Project

The accommodation facilities of the Hotel and Tourism Operators Association of Tortoreto have always been close to the needs of families with children but this year they have decided to self-certify with the TORTORETO BABY FRIENDLY brand, which identifies the quality of child-friendly services.

The brand is linked to a program that is divided into steps to continue to integrate over time more and more useful services for children but also for mom and dad!

Many small attentions which however represent the commitment of tour operators to constantly improve the comfort of families so that they really live in Tortoreto a holiday of pure relaxation and fun.

The provision of baby friendly accommodations includes:

  • cot with sides
  • meals for children
  • high chairs in the restaurant
  • changing table in public services
  • playground in accommodation and / or on the beach
  • bicycles with child seat.

To celebrate this natural vocation for the hospitality of families with children, the Tortoreto Hoteliers Association has created a friendly mascot, the little mermaid MARINA.

The legend of Marina, the Little Mermaid of Children

Not so long ago, on a warm summer evening illuminated by the full moon, a very sweet and little mermaid named Marina played in the waves of our sea with shells and curious crabs who enjoyed tickling her tail.

While cheerfully joking with an octopus, she was attracted by the lights of the coast and the laughter of some children who played, danced and sang with their mothers and dads in the bathing establishments.

“How much joy and how delicious they smell” said Marina while looking at a restaurant by the sea.

“I want to see what’s going on over there,” said Marina.

He slowly approached the coast and arrived on the beach.

A child saw her and said surprised to her friends: “Look … a little mermaid!”

All the children went to Marina, happy and curious.

“But then there are sirens!” Exclaimed one of them.

“Sure …” Marina replied. “But not everyone can see us … Only those who believe in the magic of dreams!”

Marina, amused by so much attention, then told her fantastic adventures with her little fish friends and the children told her all the beautiful things about their holiday in Tortoreto, the games, the walks, the parties and the music. Marina understood why the children were so happy and from that moment on she returned to Tortoreto as often as she could.

Every evening on a full moon – even today – Marina returns to find the children on holiday in our city!


For years TORTORETO boasts prestigious awards: the BLUE FLAG of Europe, the Pediatric GREEN FLAG and the YELLOW FLAG! But let’s get to know them better…

Blue Flag of Europe

The Blue Flag is an important recognition given to seaside resorts to reward the quality of the bathing waters, the cleanliness of the beaches and the quality and reliability of the services offered by the accommodation facilities.

Pediatric Green Flag

The Green Flag was established by a team of pediatricians and takes into account the cleanliness of the environments and bathing waters, the safety of the beaches, good tourist accommodation, services and the presence of leisure areas for families.

Yellow Flag FIAB

The Yellow Flag aims to identify the most cyclist-friendly cities. Tortoreto has earned this recognition with 2 bike smiles, proof that tourists can enjoy the long cycle path.